What is Riku.AI?

Riku.AI brings all of the best large language models together in a single place allowing you to build, experiment and use text-based AI in your work and life. Riku.AI is a place to empower you to get to grips with the raw technology regardless of your coding or technical ability.

Can I buy more integration credits for GPT-J?

Each month, we reset the free credits for integrations. This is GPT-J requests via the Single Endpoint which can be through our raw API or through Zapier, Make, Google Sheets, or any of our other integrations outside of the Riku platform. If you manage to exhaust the free limit of 200 requests, you can buy more and have them immediately applied to your account.

Understanding the Riku Playground

The foundation of building out prompts for large language models is the playground. The playground is where you provide the AI with instructions and a pattern to follow for text generation. Let's take a closer look at understanding the Riku playground.

What is Riku's Google Sheet Integration

The Google Sheet integration is a quick and easy way to give you the power to generate AI content by using a specific formula in Google Sheets. It could not be easier!